Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fighting Female Circumcision

Birth pangs had begun, but she knew she had to escape her husband's people before she was taken in for delivery.

Escape meant walking through the Ngong forest in Oloseos, near Nairobi. It was not easy, especially when the baby in her belly was beginning to come out.

But she was determined...

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They Died For Us To Live

Today we celebrate yet another 'Kargil Victory Day'. On the 11th anniversary of that much-celebrated victory over Pakistan is it not high time we pondered- 'Did we really win Kargil?'

For the detailed report, click: They Died For Us To Live

KEMP Ahoy! Kerala Leads The Way!

The other day I was driving towards my maternal house at Varkala. When I crossed Pallippuram, a motorcyclist coming from the opposite direction lost his control and rode straight into a tempo travelling in front of my car.

The man on the bike was thrown away and fell right in the middle of the road, bleeding and unconscious.

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Onam Special: An Onam Like No Other

Trivandrum: Every Malayali knows that Thiruvonam or Onam is officially celebrated on the Thiruvonam day of the Chingam month of the Malayalam calendar.

But how many of you know that Onam was celebrated in Trivandrum today?

The celebration was organised by the Ekalavya Ashram headed by Swami Ashwathi Tirunal and the participants were the inmates of the schools run by the ashram...

For detailed report, click - Onam Special: An Onam Like No Other
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